A strong smell of orange blossoms and the sound of water announce the proximity of what is known in the Levant as the Font of Fonts, a unique set of waterfalls, fountains and small springs in the middle district of Marina Baixa, a short distance from Callosa d’en Sarrià and very close to the busy Benidorm.

After striking how fierce the small gorge that almost completely hides the riverbed.

We must first go through the Font del Moro constantly overflowing clear water, then reach the first and most spectacular of a series of cascades: the Toll of the caldera, known as Algar, who is also the name of the river feeding and giving its name to the whole. A little further up, where stands an old mill and the water seems to stored, the conditions are perfect for cooling off in the usually frigid waters of Algar.

The whole area invites long walks and have marked several possible paths that cover the environment. Nearby, look for the signs for an interesting Museum of the Environment, where in addition to herbs and essences exposed, investigated the production of aromatic oils or in vitro fertilization of certain plants. Within the group has enabled a landscaped area specifically dedicated to the conservation of flora where you can meet most of the aromatic plants. Despite the proliferation of restaurants and bars nearby, it seems a miracle that he has retained a place so idyllic, so close to the coast of the Mediterranean more savagely exploited.

But in reality if we move saw above, putting the light in the Picos de Aitana over 1,500 meters, or the Serrell with 1,360 meters, multiply wonders. The vast orchards of persimmons and other fruit trees around Callosa give an almost supernatural that we move to other ends, there in the eastern Mediterranean. Higher still, a league, you reach the Guadalest castle of Arab origin, like most things in this area of ​​the province of Alicante.

Turn your back to the swamp that carries the name of the river and everything that has real importance in this corner of the Sierra. The village consists of two districts: the town itself, and the castle, fully walled. To enjoy the best view, still have to climb higher, to the cemetery tower known as the Castillo del Rey. Opposite is the steeple of the church, next to her castle Alcozaiba which in turn communicates with the Orduña house, the family’s most prominent place. A place certainly idyllic.